Umbrella Policy

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March 1, 2017
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Umbrella Policy

Protect Your Business Assets With An Umbrella Policy

As a business owner, you may think you have adequate liability limits of $500,000 on your comprehensive general liability and $500,000 for your commercial auto liability, or even $1million for your commercial general liability and commercial auto liability.

However, the question you must ask yourself is this: Are my commercial general liability and commercial auto liability limits enough to protect me from a catastrophic liability loss that may arise, or potential litigation as the result of a claim? Even a $1million limit on your underlying commercial general liability and commercial auto liability policies may not be enough to protect your business assets from a catastrophic loss.

There is an easy solution to help with this problem: a commercial umbrella policy. The commercial umbrella policy is designed to:

  • Be broader than your underlying comprehensive general liability and commercial auto policies by providing coverage for exposures not anticipated in your underlying policies. Such exposures would include discrimination, humiliation, and auto rental outside of the United States and its territories.
  • Provide worldwide liability coverage.
  • Offer defense coverage for covered claims.

Ask us about the commercial multi-policy discounts that are available to you when you purchase a commercial umbrella policy.